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Oddities and art of the whimsical and strange.

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Oddities and art of the whimsical and strange.

Karla Yvette and Skot Olsen live and lurk in the strange city of Portland, Oregon. While they both originally hail from the east coast, they find themselves quite at home in this dark, rainy corner of the northwest. They share their home with a particularly stubborn dog that very much resembles a bear.

Karla Yvette is an illustrator and tattoo artist, inspired by science, the natural world, 19th century occultism, and very old houses that seem to have a personality of their own. She comes from a family of actors, photographers, painters, and puppeteers, who encouraged creativity from a young age. Karla is an avid daydreamer, a friend to all small animals, and an aspiring armchair detective.

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Instagram: @icomefromthefuture

A professional artist for over twenty years, Skot has shown his work in galleries throughout the United States and internationally. His paintings have also appeared in books, magazines, TV shows, board games, and news weeklies. Skot is a furry, grumpy little fellow who is happiest when exploring forests, oceans, and caves, steeped in mystery.

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Instagram: @olsenskot